Anonymous asked:

bruh how can u say that all the Pakistani people are barbaric?? they're standing up for themselves and trying to make a difference. Doesn't sound barbaric and uncivilized to me

It’s quite simple. The peaceful protests and the “sit-ins” were absolutely fine. It was great. But when you intrude on property and other areas that the government strictly does not allow in order to raise a conflict, then we have a problem. That’s exactly what happened and that’s why the police took action. Not saying that the method of the police is correct though. But the “people” burning trees, grass, and cars isn’t exactly civilized either. And this isn’t even the first time. I see people burn buses and what not a lot during strikes and stuff.

Think of it this way. You’re allowed to sit and protest outside the white house. But when you try to go beyond the gates and inside the white house, the police has the right to take action.

That’s what I meant by barbaric. It’s just in our nature as Pakistanis to freakin go to extremes. And you know what the best about these protests and sit-ins is? Once the police took action, the leaders of the two political parties that called for the sit-ins took off and are no where to be seen. There are your leaders.